Getting Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Many people think buying car insurance is about as much fun as going to the dentist. If you use free auto insurance quotes sites it is a lot less painful than the dentist. It might even put money back in your pocket (though you have the option to get cheap auto insurance online).

Why Shop Around For Insurance?
Insurance has underwriters, so people think that the different carriers would all come to the same price. If the thinking goes like that, then people might think they should just pick the first insurer that comes along and skip the games.

Companies all have different risks they look at when writing up policies. That means some insurers will reward someone who buys a new (read: safer vehicle) while a different company sees all those new safety gadgets as costly additions. Instead, they will reward the person with the old reliable and paid for 10-year-old car.

The free auto insurance quotes sites make changing up the details easy. This helps people figure out whether they can afford extra coverage or how changing deductibles and coverage limits will change premiums.

Even add-ons such as a rental car line may help in the event of an accident where you may not have your car back for a month or more. The insurance will cover up to a particular dollar amount per day for the specified number of days. It takes the sting out of an accident where your regular vehicle is in the shop for weeks or months being repaired.

Roadside assistance is offered through an increasing number of insurers. The coverage is a lot less expensive than with an auto club. Buyer beware, if you use roadside assistance it may count as a “claim” that raises your insurance rates. Getting quotes online gives you the chance to check out how coverage changes according to your life.