A Grand Canyon Trip to Remember

Visiting the Grand Canyon should be an unforgettable trip. People who don’t plan ahead will not enjoy their vacation to Grand Canyon National Park. If you have traveled far and wide just to be at this tourist destination, you might as well do your homework. Here are some smart and savvy tips for first-time visitors of the Grand Canyon!

  • Ride a Mule

Hiking is a fun and exciting activity, but once you have covered a few miles it can become boring and exhausting altogether. The good news is that mule teams can be found at all key points across the Grand Canyon. They can also be used to carry heavy bags for multi-day camping and hiking adventures. More about Grand Canyon Mule Ride at http://grandcanyonsecrets.com/ .

  • Come Prepared

Even the most experienced tourists will find some of the long and winding trails of the canyon challenging. You cannot underestimate the power and diversity of the Grand Canyon. Extreme temperatures may result in dehydration and heat stroke just to name a few.

It’s always best to bring your own provisions during multi-day hiking trips in the canyon. Bring enough water supply to beat the heat during summer that may reach up to 105F. Check in with your doctor before setting up a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon to avoid the perils associated with challenging hikes. Make sure you are physically and mentally fit to face the many challenging trails the Grand Canyon has to offer.

  • Avoid Huge Crowds

There are many ways on how to bypass the crowds at the Grand Canyon. First, you can simply move your trip during off peak season. There are fewer people visiting the Grand Canyon during peak summer months and the monsoon months. These periods are between the months of May and August. Another way to avoid huge crowds is by going to hidden gems in certain parts of the canyon instead. One example of a an inspiring gem is Havasu Falls. Not a lot of visitors are aware of this falls and the other four falls located in Havasupai Indian Reservation. If you want to experience the desert and the oasis, this is a must-see attraction.