The History of Moscow Mule and Its Copper Cup

The cocktail, Moscow Mule is considered as one iconic drink not only for its great flavors, but because of the copper mugs it is served in.

There are many cocktails made available at bars and pubs, but nothing can stir positive reactions than Moscow mule cups made from 100% solid copper. Bartenders swear by its popularity that after serving a cup of Moscow Mule in copper mugs, customers will start ordering them as well.

The Moscow Mule was created as collaboration between a ginger beer company owner and the owner of a vodka distillery. The combination of ginger beer with vodka and limejuice paved the way to the creation of Moscow Mule. It was first served in Moscow Mule cups made from copper simply because the bartender preferred this vessel at the time of mixing.

The copper cup is just as important as the ingredients that are put into the creation of Moscow Mule. Simply put, it has become the signature vessel for Moscow Mule as its material seems to enhance the flavor and overall sipping experience of this particular cocktail drink.

Moscow Mule will taste differently when served in either plastic or glass vessels. It simply tastes better and more satisfying to patrons whenever Moscow Mule is served in authentic copper mugs instead.

Why do people prefer the use of copper mugs when serving Moscow Mule? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Moscow Mule simply looks cooler when placed in a copper vessel
  • Furthermore, Moscow Mule retains its cold temperature when stored in copper mug containers. The copper is an excellent insulator. The ice in Moscow Mule melts at a slower rate when placed in copper mugs.
  • As the Moscow Mule stays colder longer when placed in a copper vessel, the flavor is known to be better too. Vodka tastes smoother when consumed cold.

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