My Husband Is Worried Why I Want The 3 Most Controversial Barbies Ever

My husband is worried why I want the 3 most controversial Barbies ever made and sold. He borrowed my phone the other day to make a call while we were out jogging, because he didn’t have his on him, and he saw that I had just searched for the most controversial Barbies in history in my smartphone browser.

We wound up walking home because he wouldn’t shut up about it. I think he’s actually kind of freaked out. He’s known for some time that I collect Barbies (but never told him played barbie kissing games once). They’re all over our house and I have more in storage. He’s okay with all that. It’s certainly not his thing, but I don’t judge him and I do accept him for his personal quirks and hobbies.

But for some reason this one bugged him. It’s almost like I went from being girly to suddenly perverse or macabre or something. In truth, I’m just looking to expand my collection where I can and I already have most of the mainstream dolls available, so I’m branching out into more unique items.

I also kind of want to have bragging rights at the next Barbie collector club meeting in town. Everyone talks about these dolls, like if they’ve ever seen them, but no one actually owns one.

I will. I’m going to own one. I intend to own at least three.