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Top 3 sexiest women in poker

“Top 3 sexiest women in poker”.¬†That was sitting in the Google search bar in the Internet browser on my home computer (and poker qq). I was immediately curious who in my family had looked that up. At first I thought it was my husband or our son, but it according to the computer logs we very quietly keep to track the kids’ browsing, it was our oldest daughter. We knew she had some interest in poker since she left for college. We also know that her college campus, a few hours from here, is not too far from a reservation with a casino, and that she goes with friends to play on weekends. She’s an adult now, and apparently responsible about it, so we say little, but why look up the top 3 sexiest women in poker instead of the 3 best women? It hit me the next morning. She’s looking for image tips, makeup ideas, clothing choices, and body language. She wants anything and everything she can do at the poker table to throw off other players. She’s always been competitive, but I’ve never known her to be so cut-throat. I’m actually rather proud of her.